Peluchines® appreciate your confidence when you buy with us, we are committed to provide the best service, to achieve this we ask you to carefully read the following points so that your delivery does not have any delay.

Days and times of Delivery.

Deliveries are made from Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm, we do not deliver on Sundays and national holidays (Mexico). We do not handle specific delivery schedules.

Same day deliveries: To make the delivery the same day it is necessary that you place your order and payment before 3pm (Central Mexico time) once your order is placed and payment your order will be scheduled for delivery between 4 and 8pm

We do not deliver at specific times, if you need your order delivered at a certain time we ask you to contact us before placing your order.

On special dates such as February 14 and May 10 deliveries will be made during the day DO NOT GUARANTEE SPECIAL HOURS, if there is an error in the delivery data or there is no one at the delivery address your order may be delayed by 1 or 2 days.


Prices do not include the cost of shipping (please check delivery places), if your delivery is outside our delivery area (within the city) an additional shipping cost will apply, for which we will contact you.

In some cities and / or towns there may be an extra charge for shipping from our nearest distribution center, in case your order requires an extra charge we will contact you.

An additional cost will be applied for forwarding an order whose reasons are foreign to our company.

Delivery policies.

To make your deliveries it is necessary to take into account the following:

No order can be scheduled for delivery without payment being recorded.

It is necessary that you provide us ALL the information requested by the system from the person who is buying and from the recipient. WE RESERVE TO SPEAK TO THE ADDRESSES OF THE RECIPIENT TO ENSURE THAT THE ADDRESS IS CORRECT AND THAT THERE WILL BE SOMEONE IN THE ADDRESS TO RECEIVE THE FLOWERS

We do not deliver to public places such as airports, schools, shopping centers, etc. D. If the place of delivery is a company we ask you to ensure that they allow the delivery of personal gifts since sometimes they do not allow our couriers access to the facilities. E. We ask that you provide us with the name of the area or department of work of the recipient as well as a direct number or extension where we can locate it.

Presentation of the product.

Peluchines® are committed to the quality of our service, therefore we will deliver your arrangement as close to the photography of the product you chose

Deliveries on special dates.

On special delivery dates such as February 14 and May 10, in which the volume of orders is greater, we ask all our customers to take into account the following:

Orders are scheduled for delivery as they arrive, so we ask that you place your order in advance.

Deliveries will be made during ALL the DAY, we do not commit ourselves in deliveries with restrictions of schedules, therefore we ask you to make sure that there will be someone to receive us during the day.

Delivery confirmations can take up to 24 or 48 hours, we appreciate your patience to wait for this information.

If there is a delay due to lack of information or because there was no one at home, a retry of delivery may take from 24 to 48 hrs, applying an additional cost for resubmission.


DELIVERY DATE: Peluchines® guarantees that your order will be delivered on the date indicated by you at the time of placing your order, for which we ask you to read our Delivery Policies, if for any reason your order was not delivered on the date indicated we ask you to contact us as soon as possible.

QUALITY AND DESIGN: If the arrangement we send is not the one requested or you have doubts about the quality, we ask that you send us photographs of the same which must be taken the same day of the delivery to be able to give an adequate solution.

In any case you can apply a refund of the cost of the arrangement, a change of arrangement or sending a courtesy (* restrictions apply)


- If the data provided is incorrect

- If there was no one at home at the time of delivery

- If they do not allow the courier to enter or nobody is responsible to receive if the recipient is not

- It does not apply if the delay in delivery is due to abnormal situations beyond our control such as: Adverse meteorological conditions and natural disasters, political riots and demonstrations, etc.

The quality of the arrangement can be affected by situations after delivery, therefore if the flowers do not receive the correct amount of water and / or the necessary climate care we can not be held responsible for damage after delivery.

Payment Methods

Credit cards: Peluchines® accepts all credit cards through the PayPal company, it is only necessary to choose this payment option and the system will send you to a totally secure page where you must enter the data of your card. ** In some occasions and at random we need to request extra documentation of your credit card in order to reduce risks in the misuse of the cards, in advance we appreciate your understanding.

Transfer Bank Deposits: You can make your payment at a bank teller window or you can also make a bank transfer (same bank). In order for us to provide you with the account number, it is necessary that you place your order so that our system tells us in which banks you can deposit.

* The deposit or transfer must be made in cash, if you want to make an interbank transfer or pay by check, your order will be scheduled until the payment is reflected in our statement, in advance we appreciate your understanding.

Money Transfer: If you are outside of Mexico you can send money through Money Gram, we ask you to contact us to indicate the shipping information.


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Peluchines® and all logos are registered trademarks of Peluchines® Logos, graphics or any other characteristic of these brands should not be used with any other product or service that is not of those offered to the public by Peluchines® and that would cause confusion among the consuming public or that would discredit the Peluchines®.

Invoice of your order

We gladly invoice you for your purchase, you should only request it immediately after finishing your purchase (the same day), please send us an email to with a copy of your RFC.

Peluchines® has selected Factura360 ( as our electronic invoice provider. Through this service we can make an electronic invoice with all the fiscal validity in Mexico according to the legal norms of the SAT and with a very high level of electronic security. This allows us to streamline the processes of preparing and sending your invoices, in addition to reducing the use of printed documents.

It is important to request the invoice the same day of the purchase otherwise we will make the invoice as a counter sale.

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